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172 underprivileged children gifted new school packs

We have teamed up with the unsung heroes at Early Reader, Beyond Social Services and Keeping Hope Alive to put together a Back to School pack for the children under their care who need it most.

Every cent goes into the pack so we can gift each child the dignity of new items they can enjoy as they start school. Please note this is a private initiative so there’s no tax deduction for the gifts.

The children & organisation’s we are helping:

Early Reader is a reading program for children from disadvantaged backgrounds where they aim to break the cycle of inter-generation poverty and suffering through their learning program.

Beyond Social Services offers programs to children and families working to overcome delinquency and welfare dependency.

Keeping Hope Alive is an initiative set up by our Unsung Hero Fion Phua, recent recipient of the volunteer and philanthropy aware and Singapore woman of the year, to provide the less privileged Singaporean families with a better quality of life.

This is the behind-the-scenes story of unsung heroes around Singapore (and abroad!) gifting 172 underprivileged children back-to-school packs for Christmas.

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